Commercial & Residential

Real Estate

Our drones fly effortlessly through the most challenging environments. We provide amazing aerial images and video, showcasing unique views of your property and the surrounding area. Our aerial images & aerial videos can share a variety of details with prospective buyers, including:

  • Encompassing aerial views showcasing the entire property.
  • Aerial shots capturing all angles of your home, its layout, features, and property line.
  • The neighborhood and surrounding areas, including the home’s proximity to local amenities.
  • What the buyer’s commute home or their kids’ walk to school will look like.


Construction & Power Lines

We can deploy drones to monitor every step of your construction site progress, from the excavation to the ribbon cutting. Our services help you improve your maintenance routines, reduce costs, and improve safety by reducing the exposure of your staff to dangerous environments. Drones also serve as a safe and efficient alternative to traditional electric utility inspection work.
We can often eliminate the need to send out highly-skilled linemen and expensive equipment, saving utility companies time and money.
We can inspect: Power Lines, Substations, Storm Outages, Vegetation Issues, Smokestacks.


Including Thermal Diagnostic

Our Aerial survey and mapping services are suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. We offer a full range of quality Aerial photographic solutions, to ensure highly detailed mapping. From small, technically challenging projects to high-volume work, we have the capacity and expertise to deliver quality data cost-effectively, and on time. Our digital mapping services are used in Geology and Mining, Land Development, Asset Mapping, Utility Projects, Construction, Agriculture and Forestry.

Maritime and Shipping

Commercial and Recreational

Drones can produce spectacular aerial maritime photography. They provide unprecedented close-up aerial footage of sailing vessels. The overhead view provided by drones is perfect for scouting for fish, studying topography, and illuminating nuances of fish behavior, helping anglers to better understand their quarry. Drones make it possible to identify distinct paths where fish consistently travel, as well as the places they avoid.

We use state of the art Technology

and we are fully certified, licensed and insured.

Our drone technology takes photography to new heights.

We have invested in the very latest in flight photography, so we can produce the highest quality aerial images & aerial videos you’ve ever seen.

We are currently providing aerial photography service in south Florida, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, FL.

Our drones feature 4K cameras and perfect flight stability. Their video quality is so high that you’ll find the same equipment being used in the filming of many movies and television programs! Our DJI Inspire 2 is one of the best drones currently available for the production of professional quality video. We use versatile equipment perfect for aerial filming and photography.

Our DJI Phantom 4 Pro even features patented collision avoidance technology, and is one of the most advanced drones on the market today. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to operate drones in difficult and dangerous environments. Our DJI Matrix 200 Series is a rugged device designed to handle tough weather conditions.
It’s the ideal choice for photographing power lines and construction sites. We can provide the quality images you need, and our state-of-the-art equipment makes all the difference.