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November 22, 2017
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Why Realtor Should Embrace Aerial Imagery

Real Estate Aerial Imagery

Real Estate Aerial ImageryReal estate industry is becoming more competitive as more investors venture into the lucrative business. As a realtor, you would like to compete effectively and remain in business, and most important have a profitable business. To attain this, you need to take every opportunity seriously and see how you can improve your service. Most importantly, you also need to attract customers and investors to be in business. How you advertise your business is one key thing you should thoroughly think about. Have you ever thought of aerial imagery as a way of advertising your business?

What is Aerial Imagery?

As the two words suggest, aerial imagery means taking a photo of your estate and properties from the birds view to capture the attention of clients and investors. There is power in photos, but how they are taken matters most. The real estate buyer would be more excited if you provided an aerial video of the property. Again, there are several other advantages of Aerial photography in your industry. Right from planning your state to the selling point, you can make use of aerial photography to enhance your selling potential. There are several benefits of aerial imagery that makes it beneficial to the clients.

Advantages of Aerial Imagery and Aerial Videos to Realtors

More Appealing Than Common Photography

Aerial imagery will attract the attention of the customers than a standard image will do. This means that more people will view your commercials and hence more chances of closing a deal soon. This is because they will have a clear view of how the property looks like and the planning is better actualized through aerial photography. So, if the client wants to see how many units are within the compound, it is easier to show this using the aerial imagery and aerial video. This is usually the case even during the planning stage. If you have an aerial image, it is easier to do the mapping and show the investors how the property will be mapped.
Aerial Imagery Helps in Showing Directions to Clients

An aerial imagery will help show the landmarks better, and therefore clients can locate you easily. Imagine having a property that is in the middle of high-rise buildings. Finding your location would be a little tasking to the new customers. Therefore, an aerial view will provide them with a pleasant view of where you are located since you are able to give a better visualization than a standard image does.

Aerial Video Helps in Resolving Future Legal Disputes

This is based on the fact that you can capture the whole property as is in one shooting and also you have a chance of capturing the surrounding landmarks and buildings. When this is referenced in future, you can make clear your argument. Therefore, protect your property by taking an aerial photograph today.

Helps in Tracking Your Projects Progress

Drones aerial imagery will give you a clear picture of how your construction project is running. With this, you can supervise several projects at the same time.

Based on those arguments, we can see that a realtor who uses aerial video and aerial photography, will offer more competitive adverts and will be able to use them in future in case of legal issues.

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