We can deploy drones to monitor every step of your construction site progress, from the excavation to the ribbon cutting. Our services help you improve your maintenance routines, reduce costs, and improve safety by reducing the exposure of your staff to dangerous environments. Drones also serve as a safe and efficient alternative to traditional electric utility inspection work.

We can often eliminate the need to send out highly-skilled linemen and expensive equipment, saving time and money.

A professional and accurate system for managing your construction projects

With the use of powerful aerial imagery and data; we help you track, manage, survey and map your worksite projects with ease. Aerial imagery is a uniquely designed solution that gives you the best analytics and perfect visual representation of your construction sites.
Aerial Imagery 360 has a rich array of projects that we have covered, and our expertise enables us to handle various construction projects efficiently. Aerial Imagery 360 has a rich array of projects that we have undertaken, and our expertise enables us to handle any construction projects efficiently. We have the license to fly for commercial use, and we have the requisite insurance no matter the nature of your job site.

Why use our service?

We have a robust plan that covers every range of globally accepted standards of quality control and asset management. Our pre-planning and safety check procedure is one of the best you can find in the industry. Based on our service framework, Aerial Imagery 360 gives you the best quality deliveries with a quick turnaround time. We have all the relevant UAV licenses and insurance to perform commercial jobs.

What do i get in each package?

Based on your preference, we give quality HD video clips, interactive panoramas of your project, aerial photos, and edited marketing videos. You can use the media to meet your various needs. You will also get your own and private construction portal where all your videos are displayed for easy access and review. Click Here for Portal Sample


Maximize the use of drones in a construction setting

  • Management oversight: You can get updates and exclusive overhead maps in real time.
  • Site progress: With the use of accurate aerial views and 3D models, you can measure the progress on each worksite.
  • Professional Communication Channel: You can keep everyone on the same page with the happenings on the project.
  • Site planning and survey: Our drones help you get up-to-date data that help you carry out your project with precision.
  • Stockpile measurement: This makes it easy to know your material needs per time, and it gives you ease to measure stockpile volumes.
  • Safety improvements: Navigating places like steep slopes and roofs can be done in a seamless manner.
  • Virtual design and construction: Each data generated from the drone helps you build, monitor and track the projects in a sublime way.

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